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ECO grants in Wales 

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) offers government-backed grant funding for energy-saving household improvements. The major energy companies are required by the government to set aside funds for the scheme.

Welsh homeowners and private tenants who meet the requirements and are considered to be in fuel poverty may apply for a 100% non-repayable grants to increase their home’s energy efficiency. Eligible households in Wales can claim ECO4 funding until March 2026.

About the ECO grant Scheme

Although ECO is a government-led scheme to promote energy efficiency, ECO 4 grants in Wales are not funded by the Welsh or UK governments. The “Big Six” main energy providers are responsible for covering the expense. British Gas, Scottish Power, EDF, SSE, E.ON, and NPower are the main six.

UK energy providers are required to offer incentives under the grant programme for energy-saving measures in the following three categories: heating, insulation, and low-carbon technologies like solar panels and air source heat pumps.

These companies are required by the government to contribute funds for grants in order to raise the energy efficiency of millions of homes nationwide.

The government’s plan to meet carbon emission targets and lessen the effects of the current cost of living crisis includes ECO4. This can be done by increasing Wales’s thousands of properties’ energy efficiency.

The best way to assist vulnerable and low-income households in overcoming fuel poverty is to upgrade domestic central heating systems and insulation

ECO4 changes

The program’s most recent iteration is geared towards lower-income households and those who use inefficient heating systems like electric heaters, oil boilers, and LPG central heating. These homes are spread out across rural areas.

To be eligible for an ECO award, you do not need to be a customer of one of these energy providers. Any one of these service companies can complete the work necessary in your home as long as you are a domestic electricity consumer in Wales.

Grants for free solid wall insulation Wales

What is the Energy Company Obligation?

ECO is a government-led energy efficiency program designed to help reduce energy bills and help meet the country meet net zero targets by cutting the amount of harmful emissions we release into the environment. The sheme is funded by medium and large utility companies who have a customer base in Wales. This includes British Gas, EON etc. The government has ruled that these companies have an obligation to help the most vulnerable households reduce energy costs by installing energy efficient measures like insulation, solar panels and air source heat pumps, free of charge.

The recent rise in energy prices means that more and more people are struggling with the cost of gas and electricity and find it difficult to heat their home properly. For some it is a choice between eating and heating. If at any time your household is facing this type of choice you are deemed to live in fuel poverty.

How is Fuel Poverty defined in Wales?

A household is deemed to be in fuel poverty if they can’ keep their home warm at a reasonable cost. This is measured as any household needing to pay more than 10% of their full household income to maintain satisfactory heat on a daily basis. Families who pay more than 20% of their full household income to maintain a satisfactory heating regime are deemed to live in severe fuel poverty. National Energy Action.

Check Eligibility

Find out if you are eligible for a free insulation grant in Wales

Who qualifies for an ECO insulation grant in wales?

ECO grants are available for homeowners, private tenants in Wales who live in a property with a low energy rating of between E and G and are off the gas grid. Rural properties and properties heated by electric heaters, oil bloilers and LPG are often the least energy efficient. This type of property also often has the most room for improvement.

where a member of the household currently claims one of the following means tested government benefits:

  1. Universal Credit
  2. Child Tax Credits
  3. Working Tax Credits
  4. Income Support
  5. Income Based JSA
  6. Income Related ESA
  7. Housing Benefit
  8. Pension Savings Credit
  9. Pension Guarantee Credit

In addition to the above, families on a low income who claim basic child benefit may also be eligible if their total household income is below the following relevant thresholds:


  1 Child 2 Children 3 Children 4+ Children
Single Person £19,900 £24,800 £29,600 £34,500
Part of A Couple £27,500 £32,300 £37,200 £42,000
Free Insulation Grants in Wales

How do Insulation grants work?

Getting a free insulation grant is easy. There is no complicated application or forms. If you are eligible and you live in a Welsh postcode area we do all the work for you.

Check your eligibility

Use our contact form to provide us with a few details about your property’s heating and construction.

Arrange a home survey

If you are eligible one of our accredited energy assessors will contact you to arrange a free  home survey.

Free installation

We install the required home insulation measures and claim the grant from our ECO funder. You don’t have to do anything.

What insulation grants are available in Wales?

ECO Wales

Why insulate my home?

Installing insulation correctly is seen as the most effective way of preventing your home losing heat. Under the ECO grant scheme all measures are carried out by government approved installers.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Up to 35% of your heat escapes through your external walls. Free cavity wall insulation  can both be installed with 100% grant funding in Wales.

Solid Wall Insulation

If you live in a traditional or older stone built property you may need to insulate the walls with internal insulation. This can be installed free of charge including all new plaster work.

Loft Insulation

Around 25% of the heat you generate with your boiler escapes through your attic or loft. Free loft insulation grants are available under ECO for Welsh households on benefits.

Room in roof insulation

If your property has rooms built into the roof it can still be insulated with specialist materials. The full cost will be covered with a government grant if you or a member of your household is eligible.

Insulation grants in Wales – FAQ

01. What happens if I don't insulate my home?
Current building regulations in Wales and throughout the Uk state that all newly built buidings must be insulated to a minimum level. This is for a good reason. Insulating your home improves the building’s thermal performance: leading to a reduction in energy bills, lower carbon emisssions and an improvement in internal comfort.
02. Is my roof suitable for cavity wall insulation?
If your home was built after 1930 their is a good chance that it has a cavity or gap in between  inner and outer layers of bricks in your walls. Breathable insulating material can be blown into this gap. This helps prevent heat escaping from your home. If your house is of a timber or solid construction, cavity wall insulation is not viable option.
03. Are there grants for solid wall insulation in Wales?
Yes. A large number of properties in Wales were built with traditional stone. This type of building does not have a cavity. The cost of solid wall insulation can be covered by an ECO grant.

Solid wall insulation describes the process of placing insulation material on the inside of a stone or concrete wall. The material is fitted to the wall with batons or strapping and the whole wall is then replastered. All skirtings and fittings will be removed and replaced after the installation.

04. Can I still get free loft / roof insulation?
If the insulation in your loft or attic is below the recommended depth of 270mm this can be topped up with mineral wool through the scheme. If your property has roofs built into the roof with dormer or velux windows the process is different. All stud walls, sloping walls and gables must also be insulated to prevent heat escaping.

Room-inroof insulation is similar to solid wall insulation. It can be fitted to the existing walls with strapping and then skimmed. The full cost of this will be covered with a grant.

5. Do I have to pay the grant back at any time in the future?
No. If you qualify for an isulation grant in Wales through the ECO scheme all funding is non-repayable. Even if you move home or your financial circumstances change it won’t cost you any money.
Free insulation grants in Wales are available for homeowners and private tenants who claim an income-based benefit. Properties which are off the gas grid are given priority under the ECO4 grant scheme.